SS501 LA Undisclosed pics

Not exactly “undisclosed” pics but these pics were taken by one of SS501 backup dancers. It was taken back in 2009. Some might have seen it, some might not, so I’ll just post them here. (One pic is smaller than the rest)

Repost with full credits

credit: Dancer’s cyworld +

Kyu with dancers

Could see Hyung Jun eating his big lobsters with other SS501 members in the background

Eating lobsters with dancers, Manager Hyung Jin. Jung Min, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng can been see in this pic

Kyu eating icecream with dancer. Jung Min is in the background too, if you know where to spot him.

Hyun Joong with dancers

Hyun Joong with dancer

Group picture (resolution is not as great)

Hyun Joong with dancers

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3 Responses to SS501 LA Undisclosed pics

  1. kikilala says:

    Woo!! So cute!! Let me repost one photo and link back here ok?? ^_^

  2. 5enjou says:

    …really relax mode, nice photos ^^

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